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Our Recommended 10 Best wodfitter Reviews in 2022

1. WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Band with eGuide, 4 Band Set

Features :

  • WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Band for Stretching, Mobility Workouts, Warm Up, Recovery, Powerlifting, Home Fitness and Exercise

Additional Info :

Color Set of 4 Bands
Item Dimensions
Height 50
Width 100
Length 100
Weight 0.25

2. WODFitters Mini Bands Set – 5 Exercise and Workout Resistance Bands – Exercise Loops – Workout Flexbands for Stretching, Physical Therapy, Rehab, Home Fitness and Muscle Activation

Features :

  • SUPER STRONG BANDS: Designed for durability and long-term use, the WODFitters loop bands will NOT lose their shape or elasticity, no matter how hard you stretch them! The #1 choice among trainers and serious athletes, these bands are essential for power-filled strength training workouts.
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for increasing mobility and flexibility, our loop resistance bands are great for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation. Used for gym or at-home workouts, they are the perfect accessory for all your favorite workout DVD programs, such as Insanity, Brazilian Butt Lift, Turbo Jam, Beach Body, as well as for Pilates, Yoga and Cross-Training sessions.
  • ADAPTABLE TO ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Our loop bands help make the most out of hip, glute and leg workouts, while they efficiently prevent injuries, making them essential fitness gear for those new to exercise! They make for foolproof exercise gear for those recovering from a torn meniscus or ACL surgery, both expectant and new mothers, and anyone suffering from leg or knee problems, too.
  • 5 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: This amazing set contains 5 bands in 5 resistance levels – light, medium, heavy and extra heavy, allowing you to choose which band to train with, according to your fitness level. Combining bands helps you come up with customized, challenging workouts – we’re confident you’ll never run out of ideas of ideas on how to train with your new resistance bands!
  • WODFITTERS’ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Don’t hesitate to Click Buy Now. We are offering you an amazing 60-Day trial period. Train with our bands and if you feel like they are not worth their every last penny, we will FULLY refund your purchase, no questions asked. Get Now The Best Exercise Resistance Loop Mini Bands.

Additional Info :

Color Blue – Black – Red – Green
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 6
Length 7
Weight 0.2

3. WODFitters Titanium Pull Up Bands (Titanium 5 Band Set)

Features :

  • The Titanium Power bands were designed with our trademarked Push-Pull Technology️. The 2 continuous layers of natural rubber allow these bands to work equally well for both resistance and assistance exercises.
  • Titanium Power Bands come in 5 different widths, each band providing a different level of resistance. You can use them individually or combine them for an unparalleled variety of challenging resistance levels.
  • The Power Bands can help you drastically improve your pull ups, chin ups, dips and even muscle ups.
  • Besides just the pull up training, these bands allow you to perform all types of hard core strength-training exercises without weights, using just your bodyweight.
  • They can also be used in rehabilitation, to correct muscle imbalances, and to dramatically increase your range of mobility. They are easy to store – they even come with a handy carrying bag – and perfect for exercising anywhere, anytime. Even while traveling.

Additional Info :

Color Titanium 5 Band Set

4. WODFitters Hip Resistance Bands – Fabric Hip Bands – Cotton Non-Slip Hip Thruster Loop Band Set – for Glute Activation, Booty Exercise and Fitness Workout… (Black Red Blue 3 Pack)

Features :

  • FULL BODY WARM UP – The WODFitters Hip Resistance Band set can be used for hip and glute activation and dynamic warm up sessions. Each band is a different resistance and can help gradually warm up not only your hips and glutes, but your entire body.
  • PROPER MOVEMENT FORM TRAINING – The hip band will help cue athletes to perform proper form while lifting weights making sure they force knees out while squatting and sumo deadlifting. The bands also add extra resistance during thrusters, making the exercise a lot more efficient.
  • STAYS IN PLACE – Unlike traditional rubber exercise bands, the WODFitters hip bands do not roll up and do not snap during use. The bands come in 3 different sizes – 13″, 15″ and 17″. The shorter the band, the more resistance it provides.
  • BURN FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE – SHAPE THE PERFECT BOOTY – Take your workout to the next level and make your exercises more challenging. Shape and tone your body with Monster Walks, Hip Band Squats, Hip Thrusts, Hip Abduction & Adduction, Hip Band Leg Press, Hip Band Kick Backs and Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions. The varieties are endless!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Test drive your new WODFitters hipbands and if you are not loving it 100%, just reach out to us and we will refund your investment right away.

Additional Info :

Color Black Red Blue 3 Pack

5. WODFitters Stainless Steel Necklace with Barbell and Weakness is a Choice Charm – Comes with Gift Box

Features :

  • WODFitters Stainless Steel Necklace with Barbell and “Weakness Is a Choice” Charm – Comes with Gift Box and Lifetime Warranty – Perfect Gift for Athletes for the OPEN

6. WODFitters Floss Bands for Muscle Compression Tack & Flossing, Mobility & Recovery WODs – 2 Pack with Carrying Case (Black – Red Combo, 2 Pack)

Features :

  • WODFitters Floss bands improve movement range, restore joint mechanics, or release previously injured tissue while performing the actual athletic movement the athlete is trying to improve.
  • Choose from 2 compression band sizes. The black mobility band measures .051″ Thick x 2″ Wide x 7′ Long and provides regular compression. The red band is thicker and measures .060″ Thick x 2″ Wide x 7′ Long. This provides more compression and is better suited in difficult areas like the high hips. This band is also great for larger athletes like powerlifters and strongmen when more compression is needed.
  • Tack and Floss has become the staple of fitness mobility and can greatly increase performance while reducing injury.
  • The WODFitters Floss mobility Bands come in a pair with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try it for 60 days. If during this time you don’t love it or don’t feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, we give you your full payment back. No questions asked!
  • These compression bands encourage blood flow, increase the circulation and warm up the muscles. They help relieving pain, accelerating recovery, promoting flexibility and increasing the range of motion.

Additional Info :

Color Black and Red Combo

7. WODFitters Fabric Pull Up Resistance Bands – 4 Band Set – Set of 4 Fabric Resistance Bands for Exercise, Stretching, Home Workout

Features :

  • FABRIC / LATEX BLEND Resistance Bands From WODFitters. These bands don’t slip, break or get deformed.
  • VARIETY OF USES: These fabric resistance bands are designed for a variety of exercises and movements and will make for a great addition to your own gym, health club, physical therapy clinic, or personal collection of fitness equipment. These bands take up virtually no space and can be used for plenty of different exercises, at home or on the go. We carry sets of four, and each band offers a different amount of resistance. These pull up assist bands are great for building up the s
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These resistance bands add that extra bit of resistance to your workout that not only forces your body to perform better but ultimately provides lasting results. Instead of bulky muscles, these bands help you get strong and lean without compromising your joints. The WODFitters bands are perfect for athletes learning pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They are ideal to develop muscle memory and get you to do those kipping pull ups and strict pull ups in no time.
  • They can also be used for a challenging power-lifting session for banded lifts and mobility exercises during warm up, recovery and rehab. Many people buy more than one band and combine the bands for most efficient training. Combining bands gives you 3 levels of assistance – one with the thicker band, one with the thinner band, and one with both bands. This allows you to do sets where you start with the thicker band and then add the thinner band to squeeze out a few additional reps.
  • 4 BAND SET: There are 4 bands, each with different resistance and power levels. #1 Red- 10 to 35 Pounds, #2 Black – 30 to 60 Pounds, #3 Purple- 40 to 80 Pounds, #4 Green – 50 to 125 Pounds

Additional Info :

Color 4 Band Set

8. WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope – Adjustable Speed Rope for Double Unders

Features :

  • Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope Perfect for your Cross training and cardio fitness – Equipped with ball bearing technology allowing you to Jump faster. This jump rope is super-fast and is sure to improve your double unders RPM (reps per minute) & lets you RX your WOD. Excellent for cardio workouts, fitness exercise, conditioning, boxing and MMA. Skipping has been proven to increase muscle tone and reduce stress.
  • This WODFitters Speed Rope makes it easier for you to improve your double unders and triple unders. It is extremely lightweight, has comfortable ergonomic handles as well as an advanced kink resistant wire cable, making it ideal for cross-training. Jump rope designed by a Level 1 Trainer – Specifically designed for Cross training WODs, double and triple unders and overall fast jumping.
  • With a 10ft maximum length and being fully adjustable, the WODFitters jumping rope is perfect for Men, Women and children. The Rope can be easily adjusted by hand screws, so multiple people can easily use it.
  • Stay in shape even while away from home or the gym. It comes in a handy carrying bag so you can take it anywhere and everywhere. Take part of the jump ropes revolution, get faster and better in a short time again and again. Reduce bulk, belly fat, get shredded, and build muscle with this cheap, compact, durable cardio equipment. New Year New You!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Try it for 60 days RISK FREE. We are sure you will love all WODFitters products, however if for any reason you are not satisfied we will give you your money back. No questions asked!

Additional Info :

Color Black rope with black handles

9. WODFitters Non Slip Microfiber Recovery Towel Mat with Corner Pockets Absorbent Suede Microfiber – Ideal for Recovery, Warm Up and Yoga (Grey with Black)

Features :

  • THE ULTIMATE YOGA TOWEL FOR YOGA MATS: Provides safe and non-slip environment around while you are enjoying a rejuvenating Yoga practice either at home or at the gym. Get that perfect posture and balance that you deserve starting from today!
  • DURABLE SUEDE MICROFIBER CONSTRUCTION: Forget all those cheaply made Polyester towels and trust our wonderfully designed microfiber towel for your workouts. It is made from high quality Suede microfiber and you may rest assured that it will become your Yoga buddy for the many hot Yoga sessions have yet to come! The eco-friendly microfiber blend will keep your skin rash free and always protected.
  • SKIDLESS & ULTRA ABSORBENT FABRIC: Our towel is designed to provide a non slip surface to ensure a safe routine every single time. Its thick and ultra absorbent fabric will absorb moisture without becoming slippery and hazardous unlike other Yoga towels on the market.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TOWEL WITH POCKETS: This Yoga towel is meticulously designed to satisfy even the most demanding needs. Each long towel has four pockets on every corner so you can attach it to your mat. It fits mats up to 1/2” thick. Just place the corners of your mat inside the pockets, stretch out the yoga mat and towel together and off you go enjoy the best Yoga of your life.
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOWEL WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY: The WODFitters is ideal for all types of Yoga, from Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga to beach Yoga, Hatha and so many more as well as Pilates or just general stretching and exercise sessions. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and our lifetime warranty!

Additional Info :

Color Grey With Black
Item Dimensions
Weight 1.1

10. WODFitters KX10 Home Gym Handles – Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment for Resistance Bands – Full Body Workout Kit for Home and Travel – KX10 Handle Set (No Bands)

Features :

  • CONVENIENT, PORTABLE AND FUN – The WODFitters Home Gym is convenient, portable and fun! It allows you to perform an unlimited amount of exercises in the comfort of your home or while you travel. It is practically a gym you can take anywhere.
  • WORKS YOUR WHOLE BODY IN JUST MINUTES A DAY – Take WODFitters iconic exercise band system with you anywhere with our travel set! This resistance band home gym system is great for traveling fitness fans who don’t have time to find a local gym. Work any muscle group with this fantastic fitness product!
  • UNLIMITED EXERCISE OPTIONS – The heavy duty handles turn your bands into dumbbells and barbells without hurting your joints. The door attachment allows for easy suspension training. You can attach different size bands (even the widest bands fit!) without a carabiner! You can combine many different bands (they all fit!) for even more difficulty.
  • PORTABLE, EASY TO STORE – Being able to travel with the home gym is a big help to keep you in your routine. No need to worry about hotel gyms any more, you can take your own gym with you regardless of where you go. Even get your workout done while watching yours kids on the playground.
  • THE ULTIMATE STRENGTH TRAINING EQUIPMENT THAT CARES FOR YOUR JOINTS – This home gym workout kit provide strength training and cardio in one through Variable Resistance Training, sparing your joints along the way. Replace barbells, dumbbells and all other fitness equipment with this convenient portable gym.

Additional Info :

Buying Guide and wodfitter Recommendations for 2022

The following factors need to be considered before buying your first wodfitter.

Use the any search bar to find reviews of products. The products sold by market place rank first, isn’t that true? market place products are popular for a reason.

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  • In the process of purchasing functional wodfitters, what factors need to be considered?
  • When it comes to wodfitters, even low quality ones, why are they so important?
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A Guide to Choosing a wodfitter

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It is extremely important to understand the functionality of a wodfitter before purchasing it. Product specifications have a great deal to do with this.

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Reviewed by a Former Customer

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A Final Thought

It wasn’t necessary to know more before getting the best wodfitter. I’m glad to hear that you’ve made a new purchase. You are welcome to contact us!

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