More Than Me - What We Do


A Bold New Strategy

More Than Me has developed a sustainable model that will transform education and health in Liberia’s schools. In 5 years, we imagine 20% of Liberia’s children will be enrolled in a More Than Me Public School where they are safe, healthy and learning.

Our Approach

Every MTM Public School benefits from our (S)HE Matters model which ensures Safety, Health, Education and Monitoring. MTM Public School are community hubs for the protection of each child’s human rights.

(S)HE Matters

Liberia Education Advancement Program (LEAP)

Education reform is a long-term project, but today the Liberian government admittedly does not have the resources, expertise, or structures to adequately train all the 19,200 required teachers.

MTM addressed this need by helping the Government of Liberia establish LEAP, which is providing school operating partners like MTM $50-60 per pupil to run public schools. 194 schools and 51,281 children have benefited from LEAP this year.

MTM joined LEAP by taking over 6 schools in year 1, and an additional 12 in year 2. Today we operate 18 public schools with the aim of 500 public schools – reaching 125,000 children daily – by 2021.

“In Liberia our challenge to fix education is gigantic. PSL (now known as LEAP) offers us an unprecedented opportunity to confront and fix as many broken pieces as we possibly can in a cost effective way. It’s been a hard fight for many. It’s made our achievement so far all the more worthwhile. We are guided by the experience and wisdom of many.”  –  Former Minister of Education George Werner