We asked the girls at the More Than Me Academy to tell us what school means to them. Each girl shared her own story of impact and we were pretty effected by them. We wanted to share some of their stories with you!

Teta T



Meet Teta: she is in fifth grade at the MTM Academy. She wrote that MTM changed her life from “negative to positive since starting school.”


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Meme C


Meme is in sixth grade at the MTM Academy. Meme drew a river to symbolize what MTM means to her. She and her friends go to the library and read history books and enjoy learning. Meme believed that all she needed was to build her future and that is exactly what she did.


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Meme wrote that her “life has changed since starting school because she does new things every day.”

Janet D



Janet is in fifth grade. “I have learned how to read, write, spell, speak english, and respect people. More Than Me is the light and ladder to my life.”



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Jugbeh S

Jugbeh is in fourth grade and wrote that the happiest moment of her life was entering school at the MTM Academy. Her favorite part about MTM is going to the library and reading. Jugbeh wrote, “since starting at MTM, I have become more respectful and it has changed my life. It is the key to my success. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ME!”


We’re so proud of our students, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

In Liberia, 65% of primary school age children are out of school. More than half (51%) of young people aged 15-24 are illiterate and approximately 73% of all women and girls in Liberia are illiterate.

MTM uses education as a catalyst for transformative social change for every girl in Liberia. When you educate a girl, you educate an entire community. Teta, Meme, Janet, and Jugbeh are just four examples of the power of education. Imagine if every girl in Liberia had the chance to tell her story of impact. What would that world look like?

Our vision is a Liberia where every girl is empowered, and we’re expanding our programs to make sure that’s possible. #letsdothis