This is our first in a series of #MTMdonorstories.

Grace Baker

At twenty seven years old, Grace Baker is a powerhouse. To give you a better picture, her 2015 life motto was “Go for it,” and this year, it’s “Stay uncomfortable.” Grace thrives best when she’s being challenged, both at work and at home. Grace works for the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, a large convention city with a high volume of clients. Grace is a naturally energetic person, and loves interacting with people.

“My DNA is running around on a Saturday night and meeting lots of people.”

We caught up with Grace to ask her what motivated her to become a monthly donor to MTM, especially at such a young age!

MTM: How did you hear about MTM?

GB: I was home one night flipping through the channels and saw the Chase American Giving Awards on NBC. I’ve always been involved in nonprofits, and I love to see what orgs are doing. I thought, ‘Who are these crazy people with words on their heads?’ I loved how raw and vulnerable it was. The ‘I don’t care what other people think’ attitude. [Katie’s] approach to life and work is really cool, and it resonated with me. Soon after, I starting donating regularly and following MTM on social media.

MTM: What makes you keep coming back to MTM?

GB: The work that goes on, every decision that is made, and every penny spent is going towards something that makes an impact. MTM is serious about what they are doing and I know that my money is truly going to help people. I can tell that the people leading that work on the ground are actually doing something.

You also do a good job at storytelling and showing who you’re helping and what you’re doing on the ground. When Ebola hit, it completely changed your mission, which is important. To keep building schools isn’t the reality. You guys needed to change with the situation on the ground. I was impressed with that. It’s normal that your day-to-day activities are going to change, just like in a business.

MTM: How does it feel to give monthly, rather than just once?

GB: When I started giving to MTM, I thought, ‘This is my organization. This is who I’m going to give to.” So I made a commitment. It was easy. I connected with your work on a deep level. I know what I like when I see it, whether it’s with jobs, shopping, anything. I see something and say THAT’S IT. I’m in, 100%. I said to myself, this is exactly the type of organization I want to give to, so I went all in!

MTM: As if you hadn’t done enough already, you recently DOUBLED your monthly donation to MTM! What prompted that decision?

GB: I thought, it’s a new year, I’d been giving for a while, but I wanted to double it. I just decided. You can ALWAYS give more. My dad always taught me that. To ask yourself, ‘How much can I give? What can I do?’ My dad didn’t have tons of money, but he always had a giving heart. I believe that if you’re willing to give more, the money comes. I just look at my budget and plan it out so it works.

MTM: What’s your final word on MTM?

GB: Every decision comes down to the girls. That’s huge to me, to give money to help rebuild a nation. I don’t know if a lot of people look at it like that, but to me it’s really cool. That inspires me, that this nation is coming along. I was born in a small town in Indiana and I have it easy. I don’t understand the inner workings of Liberia, but I know that the people on the ground doing the work do.

After talking to Grace, one thing became overwhelmingly clear: she gets it. That you, our supporters, get it. Every decision we make, we make for the girls. We want them to have real choices when they graduate. We want to help rebuild their country, and that starts with education for all. Committed donors like Grace enable us to continue innovating to find the best solutions for our girls and their peers.

It is impossible for us to pursue our mission without the endless support and understanding of supporters like Grace. So to Grace and all of you we say THANK YOU!!!

If you’d like to become a monthly supporter, you can sign up here.