In our last update on Pearlina, she had just watched her mother die in an ambulance. With no other family members to be found and no clue as to if she had Ebola, she was quarantined at the More Than Me guest house, now transformed into HOPE 21, for 21 days. Though she had just lost her mother, Pearlina grew to love being at the guest house after she received new clothes, food, and toys to play with. Since then, we’ve monitored her and have some great news — she tested negative for Ebola — twice!

Pearlina’s test results are back and she does not have #ebola !!! We are still using gloves and monitoring her. She’s on day #8 without any signs!

In other news Miss Pearlina is still her sassy self. She’s got mega tude! It’s kind of adorable. No symptoms. We are still watching but it’s been long enough where Pearlina is most likely out of the dog house plus she had a negative result.

When Pearlina’s mother died, the nurse at the scene was Gideon, a volunteer nurse at Redemption Hospital. He worked until curfew (9pm) every day. If there wasn’t a curfew, he’d probably work longer. Now Gideon works for More Than Me on our home health care team, going on daily rounds to provide health care to his neighbors in the community.

Gideon is one of many local heroes who have stepped up to serve their fellow citizens during this outbreak. And for a short while,  he was also a loving foster father to Pearlina. They were both recently featured on a CBS Evening News segment on Ebola orphans in Liberia.

Here’s Pearlina and Gideon, all smiles and hugs:

A screenshot from the CBS Evening News segment on Ebola orphans in Libera.

But another surprise came through for Pearlina — we found her grandmother and her dad and they are now reunited!  They now live together and we are checking in on them regularly to make sure everything is alright. And this won’t be the last you hear of Pearlina — we want her to join our boarding school when it opens!

Pearlina has a living grandmother!! She came out of the woodwork!! She’s very happy and thankful for the care @morethanmeorg gave to Pearl and is still in shock and sadness at the loss of her daughter and Pearlina’s 8 year old brother. #reunited

We’ll keep you updated with more information on how Pearlina is doing with her family and new life! If you’d like to support our efforts to fight Ebola and help build our boarding school, you can donate here.

Pearlina and I have both tested negative, I can’t help but hug her, she lost her mom and she’s 3. I can’t wait for her to be in kindergarten at @morethanmeorg !