More than Me depends primarily on individual donors and partners to fund our grassroots, all-volunteer work in Liberia. When Katie Meyler, the founder of More than Me, was visiting our project in Liberia last month she met Musu.

Musu in the market

Musu looks about six years old, and was selling nuts in the slum where she lives. She was sitting in the dirt taking a break from the long hot days of selling at the market when Katie walked by and smiled at her. Musu started to follow Katie, who could hear her broken flip-flops slapping against the dirt path through the slum. Stopping at a stall, Katie purchased a new set of flip-flops for Musu who was shy but very happy when she gently took the flip-flops from Katie and exchanged them with the broken ones on her feet. It was getting late, and Katie had to leave, but she put a few dollars in the bucket Musu was holding, as well as the phone number of Macintosh, our on-the-ground volunteer, encouraging Musu to give the phone number to her mother.

Katie could not get Musu out of her head, and posted on Facebook that night that she wished she had the funding to send Musu to school. Right away, No One Without, our friends and partners who have developed a clothing line that benefits projects all over the world, answered. Thanks to their help, we were able to secure funds immediately to put Musu in school next year. Musu’s mother is going blind and depends on her children working, but she also knew the importance of education. She contacted Macintosh, who met with both Musu and her mom, and the three began early planning for Musu to attend school this fall!

Check out No One Without, and their line of tees, hoodies, and tanks. Twenty percent of every purchase will go directly to the More Than Me Foundation when chosen at checkout.

Each purchase made through No One Without, each donation, each fundraiser attendence means that girls in Liberia won’t have to rely on a chance encounter. Together we will be able to spread the gift of education. Together we can help girls like Musu go to, and stay in, school.

Editor’s Note: Macintosh Johnson is no longer employed by More Than Me due to violations against the institutions’ child protection policy. For more information, please refer to MTM’s official press release here.