More Than Me Academy


More Than Me is a leader in education in Liberia and a vocal advocate for girls’ empowerment.

The More Than Me Academy (MTMA) is a tuition-free K-6 girls school providing high quality education and holistic services like healthcare, family planning, psychosocial support, and a feeding program for the most vulnerable girls in Monrovia. MTMA is committed to supporting its students through the 12th grade with tuition, basic healthcare, and tutoring. The Academy also serves as an incubator for innovation and a research & development center to test initiatives that, if proven successful will be implemented in schools across Liberia.

Our Unique Model

Our model takes care of the whole girl and removes the barriers to a safe and high-quality education. Students at the MTM Academy receive the following services (click each icon for more info):

Quality Education

Social Work Programs

Parent Training


Child Protection

Tuition Guarantee






Teacher & Admin Training

Community Engagement

Our Impact

See how the MTM Academy stacks up to other school in West Point and Central Monrovia.

School Fees

MTM is completely FREE

At comparison schools, school fees range from $12 USD-$213 USD*

*Three comparison schools do not charge a fee.


of comparison students have been unable to pay their school fees on time


of these students have been put out of school until the fees are paid

School Services

  • 100% of MTM Academy students in 4th through 6th grade receive computer education 100% 100%
  • 95% of comparison students have NEVER used a computer 95% 95%
  • Only 12% of comparison schools offer a library. 1 school offers computer access as a form of Information Communication Technology (CT). No schools offer a library AND ICT 12% 12%

MTM Academy offers a library with books, desks, computers, a projector screen, and internet connectivity

Classroom Etiquette


of MTM Academy students have a teacher in the classroom for every period


of comparison students have a teacher in the classroom for every period

Healthcare & Psychosocial Services

The MTM Academy provides nursing services free of charge such as first aid, preventive healthcare like deworming, and reproductive health care. We also provide students’ with insurance for more serious conditions.

One comparison school reported providing nursing services, with 36% reporting some kind of first aid kit service

MTM Academy provides social work services, including psychosocial counseling, follow-up house calls, emotional guidance, counseling for students acting out in class, and pregnancy-related services

1 comparison school provides reproductive health-related counseling


MTMA has 1 Western toilet for every 23 students.


of comparison schools offer western toilets


of comparison schools do NOT have latrines

Graduation & Drop-Out Rates

100% of MTM Academy students applying to junior high school were accepted for the 2015-2016 academic year

At comparison schools, the average promotion rate from primary to junior high is 83%

6 vs 23

Between 2014-2015, 6 students dropped from MTM Academy compared to the average of 23 students who dropped out in comparasion schools.


MTM provides follow-up for all students who drop out vs 28% of comparison schools do.

Student Health Surveys Revealed

Students at MTM Academy hope to become pregnant 2.2 years later in life than comparison students

The MTM Effect

MTM Academy students are more likely to excel in 11 of 13 math and literacy subtests than comparison school students

MTM Academy students have hope: Surveys showed MTM Academy students have more hope for their futures than comparison students

Baseline and midline data show that MTMA students outperform their peers from varied socioeconomic backgrounds

Meet the Girls!

Scroll below to learn more about our unique students!


Teta is a fifth grader at the MTM Academy. A passionate ten year old, Teta believes that MTM is the key to her success. She feels her “life has changed from negative to positive” since starting at the Academy. Teta felt especially impacted by the ‘be your sisters’ keepers policy’ teaching her how to take care of her fellow peers in addition to herself. Teta loves quizzes and working hard at school. Her happiest moment at the Academy is when she graduated from second grade, a monumental moment for her as an excited and motivated student!


Meme is a sixth grader at the MTM Academy. Meme explains MTM as a flowing river because it has changed her life in so many ways; doing new things every day. She enjoys going to the library, reading history books, and having fun with her classmates. Meme is thrilled to be a student at the Academy because she feels like all she needed was MTM to build her future, and now she is on her way to a successful future. Meme has many hobbies, but she especially enjoys debating, quizzing, and singing with her friends at school.


Marka is a third grader at the MTM Academy. She explains that “MTM is a shelter to me” that came into her life to protect her and give her opportunities. Her parents were unable to pay for school, but MTM provided the shelter of education for her and she is so happy she now goes to school. Marka’s favorite part about school is learning new things every day in class. Marka says her happiest moment is “when More Than Me came to rescue me.”