Every day our team works to fill the gaps in the Ebola response plan for West Point and other areas of Monrovia. Our staff sees heartbreaking stories, but also local heros stepping up where help is needed. On Monday, Katie decided to follow an ambulance to Redemption Hospital to figure out what happens when patients are brought to an Ebola Treatment Center. What started out as a curiosity to learn more, turned into a beautiful story of hope. (Photos and captions pulled from Katie’s instagram: @katiemeyler)

I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. This sweet pumpkin just watched her mom pass in the ambulance. She was not symptomatic. I pray with everything in me, she’s ok. A woman is looking for the rest of her family but in case they can’t find her, I told them we would find someone to care for her. #hard #reality

I can’t imagine what she was thinking. I got to talk to her a bit and made her smile small.

#precious #girl

This is Gideon. He’s a nurse at Redemption Hospital. He loves using a telescope to identify sickness. His dream job is working in a lab to do the results of #ebola suspects. He’s mega compassionate. He and Pearlina have a special bond already. I picked him up to check on kids from yesterday.

Remember that little girl from the ambulance who watched her mother die? Well, she’s healthy and showing no signs of #ebola . No one wanted to take her because they are afraid and it’s not safe for her at the hospital. So she’s going to be quarantined at the @morethanmeorg guest house with toys, love, Disney movies, and our social workers. Her name is Pearlina and she’s 3 years old. She’s our little pearl child. We are looking for her extended family in the mean time. #believing she will stay healthy! Please pray with me.

We bought her a bunch of clothes, food, a stuffed animal, a DVD player. She literally tried on all her clothes including every pair of underwear. It was such a joy to see her happy. I sat in the corner and just smiled with tears of happiness for her health and life. Dear God please keep her healthy.

Trying on outfit #3. She keeps calling nurse Gideon “Papa.”

Outfit #4 🙂 

Beautiful Pearlina. Please pray for her health right now. We will keep you updated.