Get To Know is an introductory series on our blog where you can familiarise yourself with our staff and their work at More Than Me!

My name is Cynthia Gwame, I was born in Gbanga, attended university and joined More Than Me during Ebola where I was on the field as a supervisor going to the various areas in West Point giving treatment and medication. From there, I was employed as a school nurse. During that time, it was so difficult to go from house to house, checking on people that were sick and in need of help and doing follow-ups.

I wasn’t afraid because I already had the knowledge of taking care of the sick. I decided to be a nurse to save my family and my nation. I chose More Than Me because I knew that they needed nurses and I was one of the nurses that was licensed. I enjoy my profession because I can save lives. I like working at MTM because they pay on time and they are always there to impact knowledge to the staff through actions like training!