Get To Know is an introductory series on our blog where you can familiarise yourself with our staff and their work at More Than Me!

My name is Christopher Johns from District 8, Monsterrado County. I am a graduate of Christian High School in Sinkor and I received my primary education here in Monrovia. I was present during the war of the 90s until now. I was also here during the time of the epidemic in Liberia. I first came to More Than Me during the Ebola crisis as a driver, but not knowing, to my greatest surprise, I became an ambulance driver. I was first afraid, thinking that I would get Ebola and that I would spread it to my community. Later on, I decided to sacrifice myself for my country Liberia because we wanted our country to be Ebola free. When I served as an ambulance driver, we hauled hundreds of cases on a daily basis at the West Point slum community which is closer to the city. Because of this, we were able to combat the issue of Ebola to remove the epidemic. I am a hero of Ebola and presently working with the MTM academy as a driver.

After Ebola, my contract was terminated and later on, More Than Me put out a driver vacancy. I applied and got the job. Now, we work around the PSL schools making sure that Liberia regains our status in education.

I enjoy working with More Than Me because the atmosphere is free. You can communicate with your supervisor, you can communicate with anyone of your staff and can relate to people about any work related issues that you may have. In some other working areas, you don’t have that sort of access to your bosses or supervisor to even stand and tell them that you’re not well. So the working atmosphere is conducive and I like also the coordination of the work schedule, everything is planned.

One of the good things about my position here is that I am promoting education in Liberia. The children in these schools, they are Liberian children and they deserve a quality education so I am amazed because we all promoting education so that one day, today and tomorrow, Liberia will be able to boast of a future leader that is educated.