Being a small non-profit can be tough. We have to sell our story, mission, and ideas to individuals and for grants every single day if we want to remain effective and viable. Of course, we also can make things happen quickly, can be creative, and are able to use funds in a way that is sometimes more direct than larger, institutional NGOs. Still, the marketplace is big, crowded, and can be confusing.

Every once and while, we get emails about girls on our waiting list. We read about how they are sick, how they are at risk, how they don’t have a safe place to go. We know how easily a scholarship would change their lives. No, it is not going to cure whatever disease or malady they have, it is not a panacea. But it is a start; school does guarantee that at least for a few hours a day they will be taken care of, eat, have a place to sit, and learn. Of course, these girls in Liberia aren’t the only people who could benefit from aid dollars.

It’s no mystery that there are hungry people, thirsty people, people without shoes, people who need a little extra capital to start a business, and so on. “Compassion fatigue” and “donor fatigue” are understandable reactions to the barrage of emails, phone calls, and “do you have a minute to talk about [enter cause here]” that we face everyday. Constantly hearing that your movie ticket could save a life can be exhausting. People know bad stuff is going on, but we all have wants, whims, and wishes.

Most people, though, also know and feel that they should do something. More than Me, with our great friends, Global Giving, makes it easy to give without breaking the bank or getting in the way of everyday life. Through our Global Giving page you can sign up for a recurring donation. Giving 60 dollars in one sitting might sound like a lot. Giving five dollars a month through a recurring donation, which is automatically debited, seems more reasonable.

More than Me relies on individual donors for a majority of our funding. We like to tell our story, talk about our mission, and show the impact we are having on girls in Liberia. We know that for some people we are just one of many charities they hear from, and that for others making a donation on the spot at an event is just not feasible. Signing up for a recurring donation is an easy way to do something good without having to do much at all.

We put a lot of effort into sharing the More than Me message. There are lots of causes out there. We are just one of many, but we are doing great things with your support. Recurring donations help keep things going for us, and they make it easy to change the life of a girl for you.