On November 13, 2016 the More Than Me team was notified of an anonymous campaign being distributed over WhatsApp, targeting the organization and attempting to disparage Katie Meyler, More Than Me’s founder and CEO. The message, which originated from an unknown source, is filled with inaccuracies and false statements, which we felt compelled to dispel.

More Than Me has been operating in Liberia since 2009 and, over the course of those seven years, has thrived despite facing many obstacles on the ground. A post-conflict environment carries inherent challenges, but our determination to be a force for positive change for, and with the support of the Liberian people has never faltered. Our girls have consistently been our top priority, and we are proud of our unwavering commitment to them.

More Than Me has never sought to cover up cases of abuse. On the contrary, our response has been swift, decisive, and in accordance with the law and with respect to justice, all while prioritizing, above all else, the health, safety and wellbeing of our girls. We believe transparency is the best policy, and our website has clearly detailed these incidents, and our response to them, for over a year under a subsection entitled “Our Worst Nightmare”. We invite everyone to review this information, and encourage other organizations to be courageous and unrelenting in pursuing a policy of zero tolerance for abuse. It will take our collective efforts to put a stop to the abuse children are too often subjected to in places they should be safe to learn and grow.

This anonymous campaign purported to have unearthed new information – accusations of a More Than Me teacher sexually abusing a student on campus, and then a cover-up by staff. This is a false and libelous statement. There is an open case against the individual named, who served as an operations manager handling logistics for More Than Me from November 1, 2013 to April 11, 2016 . However, the sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by the accused happened several years ago, prior to the opening of More Than Me Academy. Once these allegations came to light earlier this year, More Than Me supported the child and her mother in bringing forward a case against the individual, and he was promptly dismissed from employment.

“We are proud of our girls who came forward against their perpetrators and we have  made it our top priority to provide them a safe, healthy learning environment in the face of such adversity. Their decision to come forward to us proves that they felt safe enough to do so. We need more of these safe spaces and this kind of commitment at all schools across the country.” –Katie Meyler, Founder and CEO of More Than Me

More Than Me’s robust safety policies and educational model serve the girls and the public schools we operate and we warmly welcome any guests to visit and see our work for themselves. More Than Me stands strongly behind our actions, our policies, and our commitment to our children and the communities we serve. As always, we invite you to voice your concerns or share any questions you may have. We remain committed to a policy of transparency.

If there are any additional developments or issues which warrant a public response, More Than Me will post updates and information to our website.

Many of the questions raised can be found in the FAQ section of our website.

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