I attended my first More than Me event almost three years ago. It was at a bar in D.C.’s Dupont Circle, there were drink specials, a few t-shirts were sold, and some friends of a friend were playing in a band that performed. It reminded me of a college party, but with more charity and less bad dancing.

Almost three years have gone by; More than Me has changed and our events have changed. Instead of six kids in school, we now have 100. We have a school lunch program, a rec program, and now we are shooting for something even bigger: a safe house.

Next weekend, on January 28th, in New York City, More than Me is teaming up with online giving marketplace, Givology, to throw our biggest event ever: A Night of Promise.

A Night of Promise will feature live music, an open bar, DJs, and an opportunity to win really cool prizes, like a night in a helicopter with Prince Lorenzo Borghese! Manhattan’s Marquee nightclub is hosting, and some of the top names in media and charity will be there.

Will you have fun? Obviously, but more importantly, because the event is sponsored by Bicardi, Wadka Vodka, and Radeberger Pilsner, almost every single dollar of the ticket price and any other money we raise will go directly to More Than Me’s, “Promise Project,” which will fund a safe house, health classes, and other after school activities for our girls.

The girls in Liberia have been doing awesome (10% are first in their class), but after school they go back to the street and it is dangerous; they are at an extremely high risk of sexual exploitation. We are building a safe place for them where they will have tutors, a social worker, and where they will learn trades like sewing and gardening. January 28th’s Night of Promise is about having fun, but it is so much more than that! We hope you can come, but if you can’t make it please consider making a donation to the Promise Project.

Our goal is to raise $40,000, which would mean life or sexual exploitation for many of these girls. Tickets for admission are available for purchase at the event website, www.anightofpromise.com. Tickets cost $50 before the event, and $60 at the door. It’s not often that we can have a great time AND have a direct positive effect on someone’s life. A Night of Promise is a chance to do just that.