Girls on the first day of school!

Girls on the first day of school

Today marks the first day of a new school year at the More Than Me Academy! We are excited both for our returning students and new students. We also had a few students graduate from the MTM Academy. Here are the details:

21113080522_09b2f58ae0_bTo give every student the best education possible, we’ve transitioned the MTM Academy to run as a typical Liberian primary school, with grades K-6.  For the last two years, MTM has had six “levels” rather than grades because most students were behind grade level for their age group; many came to us after having been out of school for many years. The students and their families have been eager to know what grade, according to Liberian standards, they were at.

We tested every child to determine their grade level, and those who tested above 6th grade (a total of 18 students), took a placement test at a nearby junior high school. All 18 of them passed and will start school in grades 7, 8, and 9 today! Their junior high school even told one of our students’ parents that MTM students consistently placed at the top of their classes on the test. They are incredible!!!


Our 18 students and their moms celebrating graduating from the MTM Academy!

Some of the girls graduated and more than me pay for their next school

Some of the girls graduated and More Than Me is paying for their next school fees. Here is Eve and Princess receiving their new uniforms!

We are sad to see students leave, but we are so proud of their accomplishments. MTM will still be supporting our students at their new school and are committed to supporting them through 12th grade, as well as providing them with the same auxiliary services they’d receive at MTM (healthcare, meals, etc). The students are always welcome at the MTM Academy campus and will remain a part of our MTM family. We even saw many of them stop by the school today to say hello before school. 🙂

Iris, our program manager, hugging a last time this two graduated students from the leadership classroom.

Iris, our Program Manager, hugging these two graduated students from the leadership classroom one last time